Dust Collectors – T12600 HEPA Extractor


T12600 HEPA Extractor 3P 480V

Guaranteed to keep up with any grinder on the market today and save you time and money! Clearly, today’s concrete grinders and diamonds are more efficient.
However, in the process of creating great looking floors, these grinders and
diamonds create a tremendous dust problem. This dust problem must be addressed intelligently to protect your employees and business from the following risks:

  • Inhalation of dangerous crystalline silica dust.
  • Risk to other building occupants and tradesmen.
  • Improper handling and disposal of crystalline silica dust.
  • Hundreds of hours of wasted time and labor for manual clean-up.
  • EPA/OSHA enforcement based on proposed higher standards in air quality.

The T12600 is truly unique in the industry. With its incredible power (17.5HP 647CFM) and massive pre-filter area (over 40 sq. ft.), the T12600 will change the way many contractors choose to grind and polish concrete floors.

Connecting a single grinder to the T12600? Go ahead and don’t worry about using a pre-separator! The T12600 will allow you to grind for an entire work shift without a pre-separator and without stopping your grinder to clean or purge filters.

If you wish to run two grinders, just add a C5500 pre-separator between each grinder and the T12600. You will
still have plenty of airflow and filter efficiency to grind uninterrupted for hours! One grinder, two grinders, three-head
or four-heads, it doesn’t matter! The T12600 will improve grinder performance, and eliminate that leftover layer of
dust on the floor and the extra labor to remove it. This incredible HEPA Dust Extractor will pick it all up, even on the
first cut, and leave your floor clean and ready for the next step.


CFM 647
Tube filter (ft2) 41
HEPA filter (ft2) 108
Waterlift 110
HP 17.4
Amps 21
Weight (lb) 716
Volts 480
Dimensions (in) 54 x 31 x 72