Overlay and Repair



Self Leveling, High Strength, Polishable Overlayment and Wear Topping

DURAFLOOR HP is a high strength, self leveling concrete overlay topping that is easy to place. DURAFLOOR HP rapidly gains strength to allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic or mechanical polishing within 24 hours after placement. The time-proven benefits of positive bonding and durability assure precise decorative repair of worn and pitted concrete surfaces.

DURAFLOOR HP quickly develops strength and can be dyed with L&M Vivid Dye and polished with L&M’s FGS PermaShine Concrete Polishing System, if desired. This attractive, fast curing, fiber reinforced, self-leveling material may be placed in various thicknesses from 3/8 to 2 inches (10-50mm) depth in a single pour. DURAFLOOR HP can be integrally colored for additional decorative effect.

Basic Use: The rapid strength, self-leveling features of DURAFLOOR HP assure an attractive durable concrete repair surface for worn, uneven and pitted existing concrete floors. Its excellent workability and wear resistance make it ideal for patch repairs in large and small areas that require a very durable and polishable repair material. Use DURAFLOOR HP to renovate and correct irregularities in uneven and worn structural floors, including light manufacturing, malls, retail stores, warehouses and lobbies.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long flow life
  • Polishable topping within 24 hours
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Can be dyed or colored
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Excellent bonding to sound concrete surface
  • Single applications 3/8 – 2 inches (10-50 mm)
  • Can add decorative aggregate


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