Maintenance Pads

3-Step Concrete Floor Maintenance System


DiamaShine diamond maintenance floor pads are the chemical free* environmentally friendly solution to keeping polished concrete, marble, granite, and terrazzo floors looking new. They are available in 3 steps for cleaning, maintaining and restoring the shine on concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors.

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  • Use daily on high traffic floors to clean and lightly polish the floor simultaneously. Weekly use on lower traffic floors may be sufficient for keeping the floor looking shiny and new
  • Cleans more effectively without soap or detergent than traditional floor pads clean with the use of chemicals
  • Two 17″ pads can last 500,000 SF or more on well refined floors

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  • More aggressive than #3 DiamaShine pads for restoring lost luster
  • Use occasionally on high traffic floors in conjunction with #3 DiamaShine pads to sustain peak shine
  • Helps restore shine on floors not receiving regular cleaning

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  • Extra aggressive restoration pad can often restore the shine to dull floors not yet in need of full polishing. Make four to six passes before progressing to the #2 DiamaShine pad
  • High concentration of quality diamonds enables #1 DiamaShine X pad to renew the shine on floors where other pads fail

Sizes: 7″, 11″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 17″, 21″, 27″

Grits: Orange 400, Silver 800, Blue 1500, Red 3000, Black Buff

Download the product data sheet.
Download the directions sheet.

2-Step Concrete Floor Maintenance System

The DiamaShine 2-Step concrete floor maintenance system for previously polished concrete floors uses just two pads to clean and keep polished floors looking like new for pennies per square foot per year. No chemicals, including cleaning chemicals are typically needed, except for greasy or oily floors.



Use the DiamaShine M3 pad for everyday cleaning and maintenance in place of regular floor cleaning pads on your autoscrubber or floor machine for daily cleaning. Very fine diamond abrasives clean better than any regular floor pad or brush. The diamond abrasives are formulated to microscopically hone the surface, removing as little as possible to maintain the original shine and clarity of the polished concrete.

Over time wear from sand and dirt embedded in the soles of shoes will make microscopic scratches on any polished floor. High traffic floors are particularly prone to dulling over time, especially in action alleys, checkout and the store entrance, even when properly maintained.


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When the surface shine and clarity have dulled to the point where regular use of the DiamaShine M3 is no longer sufficient, replace the DiamaShine M3 pad with the DiamaShine RestoreX pad and make several passes over the dulled
areas. Do not be concerned if you do not see immediate improvement. The RestoreX pad’s job is remove the damage and to prepare the surface for the DiamaShine M3 pad,which when used immediately after the RestoreX pad will restore the gloss and clarity of the floor.

Download the product data sheet.
Download the directions sheet.