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Super Aggressive Long Life Pads – The Ultimate HD Diamond Impregnated Pads

  • Our unique and innovative patent pending formula has produced the fastest cutting and longest lived pads available-anywhere.
  • Fast cutting improves productivity, getting the job done in less time, saving labor.  When used on our DiamaShine Burnisher productivity in excess of 3,000 SF per hour is common, when used to “densify and burnish” concrete or as part of the polishing process
  • Long life gives the lowest cost per SF, of any DIP pads available anywhere.  Average cost per SF over the grit range is less than $0.01 for our 27″ HD DIPs when run on a propane powered burnisher to “densify and burnish” new concrete floors or as part of the polishing process on concrete floors.  Coarser grits may be slightly higher cost and finer grits will generally be considerably lower.
  • “Power Beads” concentrate diamonds for faster cutting and longer life
  • Our HD DIPs are not recommended for use on Marble or Terrazzo floors due to the potential of leaving an “orange peel” surface finish as a result of how aggressively they cut, including our 3000 grit.  Our Maintenance DIPs should be used on Marble and Terrazzo both when polishing the floor and to maintain the floor’s gloss and clarity over time.

Stock Sizes: 7″, 10″, 13″, 15″, 17″, 20″, 21″, 27″ Other sizes available upon request with minimum order requirements.

Grits: Orange 400, Silver 800, Blue 1500, Red 3000, Black Buff.  Grit number is on the back side of all of our pads, except Buff, which is simply called Buff.

400 Grit Orange – ‘the Eraser” used wet cuts like a 100 grit hybrid resin but leaves a 400 grit finish. Because it cuts like a 100 grit resin it can used to removes scratches that would require 100 grit resins but you can follow with our 800 grit HD DIP, saving time and money.  It is the only 400 grit pad that will actually cut through the surface of hard troweled floor to expose the sand within (light “salt and pepper”).  We do not recommend using our 400 to cut to salt and pepper, but nonetheless, it is capable of doing so.  Our HD 400 grit DIP is commonly used to quickly cut through the thin layer of calcium carbonate, which has a translucent milky appearance, commonly found on new concrete floors, especially in big box stores, allowing the floor to be burnished to meet gloss specs.  When used for cutting through surface laitance, which can quickly clog up the pad, we recommend using a 1/4 – 1/2 cup of our “Crete Eater” liquid in 5-10 gallons of water, preferably in a tub, to quickly clean the slurry from the bottom of the pad using a nylon brush with very light pressure.

800 Grit Silver – Our 800 grit is the only 800 grit pad that will effectively remove the milky white surface commonly seen on new concrete floors, exposing the hard troweled surface underneath which will produce much higher gloss and clarity when burnished. Use wet for best results.  It can also be used wet to quickly and effectively remove “guard” products with minimal effect on dyed floors

1500 Grit Blue – long lasting pad is the fastest way to produce a 1500 grit finish and with no resin transfer. It improves clarity and gloss when used prior to burnishing with our 3000 grit. Use wet to minimize dust.  Expect 15,000 SF+ life out of a 27″ pad when used sequentially with our other pads or after using 800 grit resins.

3000 Grit Red – pops a shine like no other 3000 grit!  Typically used as the final step in polishing and burnishing.  When used as part of the polishing process, our 3000 grit can usually be used dry immediately after 800 grit resins

Buff-X Black – great for another 5 – 10 pts of gloss and for dust free final burnishing

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