Why Us

Coaching, Counselling & Expert Advice
Professional concrete polishing contractors come to us for help doing the job right. There are a lot of variables involved with every concrete polishing job. The stakes are high – you HAVE to get it right. Do-overs, and unhappy customers are the kiss of death. We’ve traveled the world and dealt with a broad spectrum of applications and challenges. Before you quote a job, talk to the experts and make sure you’re set up for a profitable venture that results in referrals.

Competitive Edge
Our Vortex Polishing and DiamaShine systems give you a huge cost advantage. Money talks, and project managers listen when you can deliver savings of 50% and more.

Work Faster
Our Vortex Polishing system eliminates steps, saves time, and enables you to complete projects faster, with lower labor costs, so you can deliver a highly competitive value.

Proprietary Solutions
Our Vortex Polisher and DiamaShine Polisher/Burnisher incorporate proprietary features to improve their performance and deliver a superior polish. Work with the best – work with Superior Surface Solutions!

Buy everything you need from one reliable source that’s centrally located (Kansas City) to reduce shipping costs and delivery times. Equipment, diamond tools, abrasives, vacuums, squeegees, dyes, chemicals and a wide range of top quality supplies and tools.

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