Resin Diamonds

All of our resin diamonds are formulated with either copper resin or metal resin technology to provide you with faster cutting, longer lived tools that reduce the number of steps, and time required, to polish concrete floors scratch free.  With our tools you never need to repeat steps, each subsequent grit will completely refine the previous step.

Contractors across the country use our diamonds to polish concrete floors ranging from old beat up concrete to new, hard to cut and color, hard troweled concrete floors.  On virtually all new floors, except those specifying large, exposed aggregate, contractors using our diamond tooling typically start with our 100 grit copper resins, whether wet or dry.  Just two passes with a mid-weight or heavier grinder will reveal light salt and pepper, enough to satisfy the spec and allow you to color the floor.

By far most contractors using our diamond tools on new floors and older floors in good condition, run just four steps; 100g, 200g, 400g, & 800g-and no metals- then burnish with our 3000 grit HD diamond impregnated pad.  With this method, if you double cut 100g & 200g, you will produce floors with remarkable clarity and gloss ranging from the low 50’s to high 70’s without the use of any type of guard product, which we all know will wear off long before the floors natural shine.  And, the time and steps saved will help you make money.  Your primary cost is always labor, we understand this and have made it our mission to provide you, the contractor, with the tools needed to save you labor, so you can make money while producing floors with superior clarity and gloss!

M-Puck Dry3″ Metal Resins – Wet or Dry
Our metal resins are the most aggressive hybrid resin diamonds available.  They are our longest lived resins for making the initial cut(s) on soft to medium floors.  We do not recommend metal resins for harder floors, instead use our copper resins.  Our metal resins can be used dry with caution- after the first two minutes of use, stop and tilt your machine back and check how warm the resins are.  If they are too hot to keep your hand on them, either switch to our dry resins or mist the floor with sufficient water to prevent overheating.
Average cost:  Less than $0.03 SF per grit.
Grits: 35, 50, 100, 200

Copper Diamond Pad3″ Copper Resins – Wet Only
Our number one selling resin. Our copper resins are changing how new, hard troweled floors are polished. They cut fast and are long lived, especially on the hard troweled floors found in most new big box stores, warehouses, grocery stores and schools. Just two passes with our 100 grit copper resins on a mid weight or heavier grinder will typically reveal light salt and pepper, without grinding off the hard, long lived mechanically densified and dewatered surface layer. Leave your metal bonded diamonds in the tool box and start making money using our advanced technology diamond tools and at the same time give your customer a better looking floor that will last. Our copper resins work best when used with just enough water to keep the water channels on the diamonds free of slurry. They are not recommended for soft or aggressive concrete- that is where you should use our metal resins, at least for the first step or two until you get to the harder concrete underneath.
Average cost:  Less than $0.03 SF per grit.
Grits:  50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500

Resin Pad3″ Dry Resins – Dry Only
Our premium 3″ dry resins offer the very latest in dry resin technology.   Our hybrid dry resins are thin like resin hand pads, yet they are long lasting and are extremely fast cutting and offer all the same advantages of our wet copper resins in a new dry formula.  Compared to the thin, dry resins (made in Bulgaria) offered by other manufacturers, our formula cuts faster, lasts longer and provides better refinement.  Our 1500 grit, when used as the last step in our system on hard floors, will nearly always leave a floor with no tooling swirls, eliminating the need to burnish, even when used with rotary style grinders such as PrepMaster or Terrco.  On soft floors, use our metal resins for the first step and if very soft, the second step.
Average cost:  Less than $0.03 SF per grit.
Grits:  100, 200, 400, 800, 1500


M-Puck Dry