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Superior Surface Solutions, Inc.
701 Woodswether Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64105 USA
(888) 471-5227

From West going East on I-70
From East going West on I-70

From South going North on I-35:
Take the Broadway exit, turning left to go North. When you get to the Broadway Bridge, veer right, which essentially takes you under it. Go past Lee Mathews Equipment and stay left to take the ramp at the bottom which veers left. After the curve, we are the first building on the South (left) side.

From North going Southn on 169  (N Broadway):
When you cross the Missouri River prepare to turn right.
Turn right (West) at the traffic light at the south end of the bridge (4th St.). The objective at this point is to end up under the bridge you just crossed over the Missouri River on.

Turn right (North) at the first street (Washington).

Turn right at the end of Washington (4th St.).

At the stop sign (Broadway) turn left (North).
Take the left fork in the road (West).
At the bottom of the ramp we are the first building on your left (South), 701 Woodswether Rd.

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