Metal Bond


3 Inch Multi Seg Shredder Diamonds  – Use wet or dry.  Our unique and innovative 36 mini segment diamond tools shred through coatings and concrete.  They are simply the fastest cutting metal bond diamonds available, anywhere.  Numerous small segments cut through mastics, epoxies, and other floor coatings amazingly fast, almost like there is no coating on the floor.  You have to see them to believe how quickly they remove coatings.  Our 50 grit Shredder will typically remove 70-80% of 20 mil thick epoxy in just one pass with a production rate of over 1,000 SF/HR on a large grinder.  Only PCD’s and TCD’s remove coatings faster, but at the cost of leaving deep grooves in the floor.  Our MS Shredders not only cut super fast, they are also very long lived, averaging around 30,000 SF for a set of 12 on a heavy grinder.  Another first is one bond performs well on medium to critically hard concrete, both wet and dry.  Hard bond MS Shredders are available for soft or otherwise aggressive concrete.

These are the first and only diamond tools of their kind, where just two bonds cover everything from extremely soft to critically hard concrete while cutting blazingly fast with exceptional tool life. Our competitors typically offer five bonds that don’t perform nearly as well as our two.  MS Shredders reduce your average grinding cost per SF, both diamond and labor, and dramatically reduce costly mistakes, when the wrong bond is chosen, along with expensive tooling inventory costs.  Two sets of MS Shredders replaces five sets of our competitors diamonds- 18 pieces vs. 60.  MS Shredders high grinding production helps you get the job done quicker and better and on to the next one, increasing your earnings per hour.

MS Shredders are designed to be used with our Magnetic Quick Change plates, but are also threaded to work with traditional bolt-on trapezoid plates.  Note: MS Shredders leave a very aggressive scratch pattern, 30 grit leaves a scratch pattern similar to our 16 grit arrows.  For polishing applications, we generally recommend using our 50 grit MS Shredders to remove existing coatings, followed by 120 grit MS Shredders on soft to medium concrete or 70 grit Daisies for medium hard to very hard concrete. In most applications you can then follow with our 100 grit copper resins or dry resins.

Grits: 16, 30, 50, 120

Shredder at work.
Six 30G Shredders on a PrepMaster 2818 ground through an existing floor coating with a production rate of over 1,000 SF/HR, making two passes.

Shredder results
Visible circular scratches are from a very quick pass using our TCD’s to clean up crud on the floor prior to grinding with the Shredders.

Shredder being used to prep concrete floor.
Results from just one pass using 30G Shredders.  Two passes produced 100% white concrete.  4,000 SF were ground in just over 4 hours, including setup and cleanup.



DiamaShine® Arrow Diamond Trapezoids are the fastest cutting double arrow diamonds available.  Our bevelled leading edges keeps their shape (sharp point) throughout their life allowing them to cut as fast when they are nearly worn out as they do new. All of our metal bond diamonds are made only with the highest grade diamonds.

DiamaShine® Oval Diamond Trapezoids leaves a more consistent scratch pattern than square or rectangular segments.  Their oval shape eliminates the sharp corners that creates the deep scratches common with square and rectangular segments.  The larger surface area of ovals compared to round segments improves production.  High concentrations of the finest grade diamonds insures both good refinement and long life.

Surface Prep
Single Arrow 16G
Single Arrow 30G
Double Arrow 16G
Double Arrow 30G
Single Oval 30G
Single Oval 60G
Single Oval 120G
Double Oval 30G
Double Oval 60G
Double Oval 120G


NEW Redi-Lok Metal Bond & PCD

Available in 16 grit, 30 grit, 60 grit and 120 grit double arrows in soft, medium and hard bonds along with double 1/4 round PCD’s.


PCD & TCD  Our PCD Rippers are made with two 1/4 round PCD’s for the most aggressive coating removal tooling available.  We use only Mining Grade polycrystalline diamond (PCD), the highest grade available for the longest possible life.  Leaving off a diamond wear bar or tungsten carbide button allows our PCD Rippers to dig in deep making it possible to remove even the toughest coatings, including rubberized parking deck urethanes. Note: Our double 1/4 round PCD’s are capable of leaving deep grooves in concrete and are not recommended for floors that are to be polished.  For coating removal on floors to be polished, use our 3″ Multi Seg ShredderDiamonds or Double Arrows.

Our TCD’s combine 16 grit diamonds along with chunks of PCD’s in a hard bond and are second only to our PCD’s for coating removal effectiveness.  They make a great choice for prepping floors that have existing coatings, mastics or thinset where fast removal and long life without risking leaving deep grooves in the concrete is desired.  The are the first choice for prepping badly damaged concrete, such as scaling or soft, carbonated floors.  Not recommended for floors to be polished.

“Daisy” Metal Bond Diamonds
 can be used wet or dry.  Our Daisies provide superior refinement and allow you to go directly from 70 grit to our 100 grit copper resins or 100 grit dry resins on most floors.  Can be used with our Magnetic Quick Change plates or with traditional bolt-on trapezoid plates.  Daisies work best on medium hard to very hard concrete.  Not recommended for use on soft concrete due to potentially short life.  Use hard bond Shredders on soft or otherwise aggressive concrete.

Grits: 70, 120