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The only burnisher specifically designed for wet burnishing concrete floors with diamond impregnated pads
Wet burnishing eliminates dust in the air and provides longer life and better refinement from diamond impregnated pads, especially DiamaShine DIPs, which the DiamaShine Burnisher was designed specifically to maximize the life and refinement capabilities of. It works so well with DiamaShine DIPs that many floors can actually be polished using only the DiamaShine Burnisher and DIPs, which is why it is both a wet burnisher and polisher.

In just 3 steps …
You can get 80+ points of gloss on concrete floors using the DiamaShine™ system. For little more than the cost of densifying and burnishing, you can POLISH (not simply burnish), hard-troweled floors.

How it works:
DiamaShine™ polishes the hardest part of hard-troweled floors – the mechanically densified and dewatered surface layer. Hard-troweling drives most of the water present in fresh concrete down below the top 1/8″, creating a mechanically densified and dewatered surface layer with a very low water-cement ratio and extremely tight structure that is highly resistant to wear. Large grinders are more likely to cut through this tough thin surface layer, exposing the less durable, higher water-cement ratio concrete below.

The Equipment:
The DiamaShine™ Polisher/Burnisher is designed to maximize the effectiveness of DiamaShine HD DIPs for polishing hard-troweled concrete floors. It is designed for wet polishing and dry burnishing with dust control – all in one unit.

3 Step Polishing:
Step 1 – Silver 800 grit (wet)
Step 2 – Blue 1500 grit (wet)
Step 3 – Red 3000 grit (damp to dry with spray buff)

For additional gloss and clarity, start with Orange 400 grit (wet).

For maximum gloss, let the floor dry completely, then re-burnish with Red 3000 grit, followed by Black Buff-X.

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