Vortex Propane Polisher

Vortex PolisherThe Vortex Polishing system is a reflection of our commitment to delivering innovative and economical solutions to professional concrete polishing contractors.

  • Follows contours, resulting in customer pleasing uniform aggregate exposure
  • Produces superior clarity for a long lasting shine-reflected lights are sharply focused
  • Cuts along the perimeter minimizing the need to overlap passes
  • Higher rotational speed and diamonds optimized for high speed allows for faster travel speed- a slow walk vs. the crab crawl
  • Propane power eliminates cords, generators, and pigtails
  • Polishes most “birdbaths” in the floor instead of leaving hard to remove random scratches


  • 18 HP Kawasaki with 21″ head
  • 12 volt battery start with electric clutch and emission shutoff
  • Catalytic muffler and steel quick fill cylinder
  • Flexible and rigid pad drivers
  • Locking T-handle throttle control
  • Water control with solid mechanical linkage
  • Sealed bearings
  • Tilt back design with slurry control skirt
  • Model VORPOL21

Outboard Wheels (Removable)

  • Increases stability on lower, more aggressive grits helping prevent floor striping
  • Increases head pressure for faster grinding with lower grits
  • Improves mobility when transporting the machine making it easier to get in and out of trailers and over curbs
  • Use for 200 grit and lower DiamaDots (copper resin and metal resin only)
  • Model VORPOL21

Inboard Wheels

  • Improves life and refinement when using high speed polishing grits – 400 and higher
  • Increases life and reduces side pull when using diamond impregnated pads

Superior Polishing of Hard Troweled Floors
A high density foam pad works with a specially designed flexible, conical pad driver to follow even extremely wavy floors, allowing the Vortex Polisher to polish while minimizing material removal. The Vortex Polisher’s impressive ability to follow floor contours allows it to polish with outstanding clarity and high sheen, while preserving the hard troweled surface cream. No other machine, or technology, can match the Vortex Polisher’s ability to preserve the thin layer of hard troweled dense concrete common on modern big box stores, while producing attractive and durable high traffic floors.

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